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Bari Good Info, Just For You!!

Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower

Here is the recipe that was demonstrated on Fox4kc on Friday, February 22nd. 1-2 bags…

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THIS IS A FREE EVENT. The BariGirls are having a Zoom party tomorrow at 4…

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Plateaus, How to Overcome Them

Successful weight loss is a journey, a series of ups and downs that will ultimately…

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Honey Powder – It’s a Super Food!!

Creating a balance in your diet after weight loss surgery is key to long term…

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SEX After Weight Loss Surgery

Sex after weight loss surgery is probably one of the activities you have no doubt…

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The Art of Loving Yourself

Loving yourself might be a foreign concept for you especially after years of looking in…

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Creating Balance-How Much Food Versus Liquid Post Surgery

Navigating your food and liquid needs after weight loss surgery can be challenging. So many…

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Weight Loss Surgery, Part 2 of Your Journey?

You have taken the biggest step ever regarding your weight loss-you had the weight loss…

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Vitamins – Necessary For Your New Body

You are doing everything you are supposed to do after your weight loss surgery-following your…

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