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Bariatric Surgery – 10 Reasons to be Proud of Your Decision!!!!

Weight loss surgery is a big decision and contrary to what some people might believe it requires a tremendous amount of hard work, discipline and dedication long after healing from the initial surgery has commenced.

There are times when the journey can be tough, and it is on days like these that you need a boost of extra motivation to get you through!  The BariGirls are always there to assist you with their platforms such as the website, bari_dynamic_duo on Instagram and My Bariatric Family on Facebook.  Don’t forget our podcast BariGirls Make It Count on Apple and major podcast platforms.

We can always rely on our support people around us but just in case you find yourself alone, look over this list as a beautiful reminder of just some of the reasons you should be very proud of your accomplishments!

You actually did it! – How many people do you know who are always “talking” about taking action on their weight loss? Whether a diet, new exercise plan or anything else weight loss related, talking about it does not gets results-you only get results by doing and you did! That is a big step and you had the courage to take it, not just talk it.

You have taken control of your health – Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol are only a few of obesity related diseases and by having weight loss surgery you declared war on an unhealthy lifestyle and those extra pounds that contribute to illness and disease.

You Opened Up Opportunities – Your weight loss surgery has opened new doors for you-maybe you were unable to run in the park with your kids or shop at your favorite stores, and now without the added weight you can!

You’ve Inspired Others – Did you ever hear the quote,” Keep going, you are inspiring people who you may not even know are watching!” Someone out there is watching your journey and is changing their habits and their approach to weight loss because of you or maybe a spouse or a good friend has told you that they have changed because of you-that is something to be proud of!

You Can Breathe Easier – Sleep apnea is a dangerous and serious condition and snoring interrupts a good nights’ sleep for you (and your partner). Losing weight can ease and even eliminate sleep problems.

You’re in a Better Mood – Obesity increases depression and anxiety disorders and by making the decision to have weight loss surgery you have shed the excess weight physically and mentally.

You’ve Learned a Lot – About yourself, about nutrition and weight loss! And most likely a lot of new recipes and new foods to enjoy that you never would have tried before weight loss surgery.

You’re a Goal Setter – Weight loss surgery is not an overnight solution but a series of milestones to get you where you want to be. Adopting small goals and achieving them yields better, sustainable results and this new way of planning and achieving can be applied to all areas of your life.

You’re More Confident – Without the weight, you are free to wear clothes you might not have worn before or you find yourself no longer shy or afraid to speak up when you have something to say.

You Don’t Look Back – You made one of the hardest decisions of your life and now that you are on the other side, forward is the only way you’re going. No longer caught in the diet-lose-weight-gain weight cycle, your future is in front of you and not in the rear-view mirror.

Congrats on your decision to have weight loss surgery! You can be proud of what you have accomplished so far and super excited about what lies ahead!  The BariGirls are here to help you and use their positive results to help you as well.

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