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30 Minutes of YOU

30 Minutes Of YOU

Life itself can be so full of stresses and can be impossible to try to get some for yourself.  However, taking a 30 minutes or so for yourself and it is needed to keep your mental health as the best levels.

30 minutes of you does not have to be expense or complicated.  Here are a few ways to get that time:

  • Tell people what you need – If you have a significant other, try to articulate or state that you need a moment to relax.
  • Simplify – Your “me” time doesn’t have to be expensive, i.e. just sitting on the deck, porch, sitting in the bathroom or any room for a time of quietness or reflection.
  • Be alone together – You can hang out with your significant other or children and think about activities that will keep them engaged while taking time for yourself.
  • Identify your happy space (physically and mentally) – Choose a few places where you love to be alone and recharge.  Identifying some emergency getaway spots as well.
  • Say no – Sometimes you may struggle to protect your time.  Hence, a few simple ways to help you say would be no, no thank you, I appreciate you thinking of me, but I have another commitment.
  • Build a reserve – Take a little time each day to walk alone, write, read, or do whatever you need to build a reserve of calm and comfort.

Love yourself more and this will contribute to keeping you healthy inside and outside.

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