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A New Look in the Mirror – What You See is What You Get

A New Look In The Mirror – What You See Is What You Get

Have you ever looked in the mirror and what you see isn’t really the way it is?  For me, when I look in the mirror, I still don’t see the significant weight loss that is very apparent to others.

People tell me all of the time that I am very skinny, but I don’t see that.  I see the same person, that overweight woman that got teased in school for my back fact, large thighs and wide face.

Post weight loss there is a something called “phantom fat”. Phantom fat makes a person feel like they are still the previous weight even post weight loss.  It  has taken me a while to realize that what I see in the mirror IS what it IS.

Check out the link to an article by Jacquelin Stenson, a contributor of MSNBC.


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