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Bari Refreshing Infused Water

Bari Refreshing Infused Water

Hey bari loves, replacing your water with Bari basic water is a great way to jump start your weight loss. Remember drinking infused water is a natural bowel cleanser, metabolism builder and fat burner. Here’s how:

Cut all of the following into slices:
1 cucumber
1 kiwi
1 lemon
1 lime
1 apple
1 orange

Cut all fruits and if you chose remove the peel and place inside a gallon pitcher and stir to mix.  Let sit overnight and drink often.  Before you remove that peel, did you know that eating the peel of a red delicious apple can help fight breast, liver, and colon cancer?

The additional benefits of infused water assist in skin, nail and blood stream detox.  Wowzers.  These are easy ways to assist you without even working hard at it.   Here are a few examples of infused water.

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