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Bariatric Surgery and Adolescents

Bariatric Surgery And Adolescents

Most parents want the best for their children and often suffer in silence about their children and their wellbeing.  In today’s society, everything is super sized and unhealthy.  My daughter endured depression, bullying and making unhealthy choices during her adolescence.  Unfortunately, having weight loss surgery was not an option when she was in her teens, but the case is definitely different in 2019.  In the past, pediatricians are reluctant to recommend bariatric surgery for teen-agers, but according to a recent Rutgers study.  They concluded that maintenance of a healthy lifestyle post surgery, this is a justifiable treatment for teen-agers.

Weight loss is often a difficult thing to accomplish and most people can’t maintain the weight loss.  Obesity is running rampant for children, teenagers and adults and we must take action to help ourselves as well as our loved ones.  Just like your physician prescribing medication, the same would be true after talking with your physician to go with the recommendation to have surgical weight loss.  Don’t let trolls shame you or bully you about having surgical weight loss.  Remember the fact that if you address health issues early, this will reduce or possibly present future health issues.

Post weight loss surgery, I have reduced my blood pressure medication, and reduce factors that contribute to complications associated with an unhealthy life.  Stay with the BariGirls to learn the best foods to eat, how they can help your body to become healthier.

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