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CBS Evening News Reports on Bariatric Surgery Benefits

CBS Evening News Reports On Bariatric Surgery Benefits

The CBS evening news recently reported what we already know.  Bariatric surgery works and is life changing.  For me, being over 100 pounds overweight, hypertensive, and a Type 1 diabetic meant I was heading for an early grave.  With the reduction of the risks of a heart attach and stroke and much better blood sugar levels on the horizon with surgical weight loss, over 200,000 others have undergone bariatric surgery.

This benefit extends to of course feeling better and the reduction of risk.  You feel alive again and want to do more things with your family and the mental psych is recharged as you take control of the weight demons.  I am now able to get off the floor without crawling to a chair or table for support to stand.  I can go up stairs 2×2, I can ride a bicycle again, I can actually run and I definitely wear clothing sizes that I have not worn in my adulthood, ever.

Weight loss surgery is not the scary monster that goes into your stomach and stirs everything around.  It is the tool I needed to get a jumpstart to getting on the road to healthy by limiting the amount of food I eat.  Now there is the daily job of selecting the right foods, portion control and not eating a lot of carbs and sugars.  With the help of the BariGirls spices and your top BariGirl, I have arrived at the door to healthy living and have opened it and walked in, knowing that I have to make excellent choices every single meal.  I loved myself enough to want to get healthy and stick around.  Don’t you have someone that needs you as well?  Check out the article via the link below.

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