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Finding Your Exercise Groove

After having surgery and going through recovery, it might be hard to think about hitting a gym and working out. After all, you feel like you have been working out non- stop because recovery is hard work, but you know now its time to start your exercise routine back to kick start that metabolism and start toning up.

The key to getting your groove back is slow and steady, especially if you have experienced any complications at all from your surgery. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting back up again to avoid any injury.

When you do start exercising again, start with very low impact exercises such as walking, swimming or an easy ride on the stationary bike. Start slow, with 15-20-minute increments working your way up in duration. Avoid anything strenuous and any abdominal exercises at first.

Make these gentle activities a habit by doing some every day and make them enjoyable walking your pet, adding your favorite music and buying some cute workout clothes can motivate you to stick with the plan. You an also participate in some low impact group classes-sometimes working out with friends can really inspire you to keep going!

Once you begin to feel stronger, you can start adding in some strength training by creating a plan that includes some free weights as well as some machines. Your best bet is to work with a personal trainer at first-they can help you design a program that is tailored to your needs as well as help you track your progress.

Remember, you are running your own race when it comes to adding exercise back into your weight loss journey. You want to do it slowly and thoughtfully to avoid injury as well as to make exercise something you look forward to doing every day!



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