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Five Questions for the BariGirls – Linda Donaldson

Five Questions For The BariGirls – Linda Donaldson

Why did you have the surgery? I previously had the lap-band procedure and after about 1 year it continued to slip and vomiting became a constant issue.  After I started another job, I looked into having the lap-band procedure reversed.  I needed relief and wanted to be able to continue my weight loss journey.

What is the secret to successful weight loss post surgery?  The secret is daily commitment and dedication to love yourself enough to make the right choices.  Kiley and I have learned what to eat and drink daily.

Who is your inspiration?  Kiley is my inspiration because she is almost 10 years out and has continued to lose weight and has proven to know what it takes to lose and keep it off.

What are your daily eating habits?  I try to eat 60-80 grams of protein along with foods that are high in nutrition. For example, eating out of the super foods group is a must.

What is a sample meal you eat:
Breakfast:  Oatmeal, fruit, skim or 1% milk
Mid-morning:  Fruit or cheese, skim milk , yogurt, granola
Lunch:  A slice of thin cheese pizza or soft chicken taco
Dinner: Sautéed chicken with kale

Do you find time to workout? I really don’t enjoy working out, but I know that I have to so I swim laps in the pool at the locale community center.

How do you stay in the Bari zone? I tell myself that I have come so far and to stay as healthy as possible and love myself enough, I know have to continue to make the tough choices every hour of every day for the rest of my life.

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