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Hello 2020, My New Love

Hello 2020, My New Love

With 2020 comes a blank slate for new beginnings, recommitting to you and finding peace within ourselves.  For 2020, let’s start clearing our mind of the negativity from friends and family and embrace the fact that you may now take less medicine, you are eating to nurture and feed your body and mind.  Know that you did, in fact, make the right choice about having bariatric surgery.  Now that you have used a massive amount of work to have weight loss surgery.

For the BariGirls, 2020 represents our work for the last 10 years the journey to arrive at this moment in time.  Our book, Eat, Drink, Be Bari, contains the information you need to make healthy choices.  With our book, you are now armed to shop healthier which will make you happier.  You also have more spices to select from and can choose from original, spicy and sweet spices.

We all have burdens to carry in life whether it is family, friends, employment or money issues.  When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and all of the highs and lows it brings, I reflect on the fact that I was able to take control of my weight.  It gives me a sense of accomplish that I went the lengthy process and had the surgery.  Our podcast is available on multiple platforms and on this site under the media tab.  The podcasts episodes offer information about food, relationships, childhood obesity and more.

As you reflect on your own journey, remember that you put up with  a lot of negative comments, mental pain and a lot of hard work.  Remember the reason you had the surgery was to work toward a healthier life for you and your family.  Also, with your the healthiest version of you, family, work, and enjoying life would be difficult.  Let 2020 be your year for specific goals toward a healthier you.  Love yourself to continue to make the change to a healthier version of YOU.

Hugs and Happy New Year.



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