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It Doesn’t Matter What the Method – Just Get the Weight Off

It Doesn’t Matter What The Method – Just Get The Weight Off

Many people believe that my daughter and I advocate just for having weight loss surgery.  To the contrary, we advocate a healthier life and getting the weight off is the number one way to achieve that.  Whether it is through weight loss surgery, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc. it is about becoming a new and healthier YOU.

I have tried a number of methods, but for me weight loss surgery was the number one way to achieve lasting and long term results.  However, it is still a commitment to achieving and maintaining weight loss.  It is not a one and time scenario.  You must commit to eating healthy, exercise and adequate water consumption.

Here is an article discussing Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss choice.

Kiley Williams-Bowls

Building and creating a community for bariatric patients, to come and feel secure with there discussion. Informed with recipes & fitness tips, along with motivation before surgery, after surgery and ongoing care that is needed for a strong healthy life after bariatric surgery.

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