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Make Yourself a Priority

Make Yourself A Priority

Whenever you fly and ignore listen closely to the flight attendants safety warning – when it comes to the oxygen mask, they always mention an important tip:

“Put on your mask before helping anyone else with theirs.”

You take care of so many other people in your life and make yourself the last one in the line  – when in reality, you are good to no one sick, in the hospital or dead.  When you take care of your own health first – in reality, you are putting yourself in the best possible condition to help the ones you love. Think about it: when you are ill, the household goes into chaos. Take the time to manage your health by integrating some new and simple behaviors.

How about making yourself a list of your “Health Me To-Dos?” There are free apps that can make reminding you a breeze – you just have to stop for a few moments and put your health first.

Self Care Rituals

  • Get that Check up: Call your doctor, dentist and schedule your annual checkups. Arm your self with knowledge.
  • Sleep: Get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Detox: Research ways to detox different body systems – the brains, the skin, the lungs, liver, kidneys.

Doing these things on a regular basis will lighten your spirit, brighten your day and spark healthy behaviors.

Mental Health Matters

  • Read: Grab your favorite author or consume some uplifting literature
  • Laugh: Share stories with the family at the dinner. Remembering some good times you have experienced together will warm you heart
  • Reflect: Think about your day and write some thoughts in your journal
  • People First: Make a rule – no screens near the dinner table – or try something daring, never bring your phone into a restaurant.
  • Turn off the news: It’s filled with negativity producing feelings of hopelessness. Life should make you smile and there is plenty of good news around you.
  • Call a friend you haven’t connected with for a while.

Set a Few Diet Tips as Reminders

  • Drink plenty of water. 6-8 glasses of water each day should suffice.
  • Replace some processed meats and cold cuts with freshly prepared lean meats
  • Add more vegetables & fruits into your day

Get Off the Couch and Start Moving

  • Re-think the “cost” of that show binge – make a short walk a new priority
  • Get a bit of fresh air on the deck – throw the frisbee with the dog.

Don’t try EVERYTHING at once: But make self-improvement a habit…keep reading, keep learning and keep changing.

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