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Obesity During COVID-19 – Critical NOW

Everyone knows that obesity is never a good thing.  Our lives now living with COVID is both a mental and economic battle.  In addition, obesity plays a part in losing the battle against COVID.  We all know that fighting obesity is a giant monster.  Overeating starts in the mind not the mouth and many times we require help to conquer this addiction.  For me, bariatric surgery was key in getting a jump start to conquer my eating addiction.  This surgery allowed me to eat less and become full.  Don’t let anyone shame you into now having surgical weight loss if you need that you need assistance in jump starting your healthy journey.

There is no time to waste to get healthy for your daily living or in your COVID fight to be as healthy as you possibly can.  Being in a better place of healthy not only helps you in fighting off COVID, but in your daily living for you and your family.  For me and my daughter, being in healthier presence, gives us the reassurance that we are doing what we can to fight off COVID.  I have read that there have been healthy people that have gotten COVID, but why not lessen your odds by getting in a healthier framework now and the rest of your life.  Check out the article from for more info.

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