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Bari Good Info, Just For You!!

Riced cauliflower with honey garlic shrimp

What I use for the best results To cook your meal I recommend a large…

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Learn to Love Your Scale

Prior to my weight loss surgery, the scale was not something I NEVER wanted to…

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Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. Why Water is My New Best Friend.

Everyone knows that water is essential for all life. But did you know the importance…

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Tips for On The Go Healthy Eating

I am always looking for quick tips for make it easy for me to stay…

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Weight Loss and Diabetes – New Information

The correlation between weight loss and diabetes is very clear.  We must lose and maintain…

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It Doesn’t Matter What the Method – Just Get the Weight Off

Many people believe that my daughter and I advocate just for having weight loss surgery. …

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After Weight Loss Surgery, Happines is Not Automatic

I have found that 90% of people believe that weight loss surgery is a quick…

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Adequate Sleep is Essential for Healthy Living

Have you ever wondered why sleep is so important?  Do you get enough sleep?  How…

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