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Remember to Show Compassion for Those Who are Still Overweight

Remember To Show Compassion For Those Who Are Still Overweight

We have a tendency to forget how we felt when we were overweight.  I forgot how it felt to not fit into my clothes.  To have people look at you funny.  To have people make fun of you  To have people look at you while you’re eating.  It’s a very sorry situation to be in.  I remind myself of how I felt being overweight and I’m now confident within myself.  Love your bariatric body.  Love yourself be kind to yourself and others who have not taken the journey to a better self.  Support others through understanding that you made this choice for a better life and your kind words will help others.  To maintain saving your life, to love your life, be patient with others struggling with the same things issues you have endured because they will appreciate your kindness later (whether you see it or not).

Lately, I have found since my surgery, some people aren’t as kind as I would assume they would be being that they are still battling their current obesity situation.  Hence, finding kindness can be somewhat challenging when I’m being judged by someone who shouldn’t judge.  You will notice the common concerns, the naysayers, the whatevers adding their two cents about things that they don’t even know about you.  As well as not knowing what I’ve been through so don’t judge me.

Therefore, I say to you, love yourself enough to continue the road to change, but show love to others that you want to see.

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