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SEX After Weight Loss Surgery

Sex after weight loss surgery is probably one of the activities you have no doubt have mixed feelings about and can probably go from excitement to severe anxiety about that first post- surgery encounter in the same minute.

The first thing you need to remember is that weight loss surgery is major surgery so allowing enough time for your body to heal is very important. You do not want to risk injury or stall your progress, so taking it slow at first is always going to be your absolute best option.

Physical and emotional recovery varies from person to person and the decision to resume sexual activity is going to be as individual as the person themselves. Since you will be able to start doing light activities fairly quickly after surgery, you will be able to easily gauge if you are ready for the physical demands of sex. If you are doing most things without pain or discomfort, then you should be able to carefully proceed to resuming sexual activity. The time frame will be different for everyone, but the general rule of thumb is 2-3 weeks for regular activity. Don’t rush the process however, if you are not feeling strong enough then don’t override what you know to be true-this will only cause setbacks and potential injuries.

The key is honest communication with your partner. It is so important to talk about how you are feeling before you engage in sexual activity and then of course after as well. You are going to feel differently inside and out, and you must make sure that you are setting realistic expectations and goals when it comes to your approach to sex.

You have a lot of new things to navigate after weight loss surgery and sex is one them. Get ready to embrace all the wonderful things that your new body and new attitude can do for you and your sex life!

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