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Spring Forward with Determination

Spring Forward With Determination

Spring is right around the corner and the new season brings a new outlook and fresh air that smells of flowers and love.  Picture yourself laying in the grass, eyes closed and the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Your feeling a sense of peace and maybe reliving great memories from your past. As this time of year comes forward, remember to continue to love yourself by making smart and healthy choices. Family gatherings, picnics, wedding, graduations a, etc. and there are food choices will need to be made.  Making choices with determination are necessary every single day that you are a bariatric patient.  You were strong enough to say to the word, I want to make better choices, I want to be healthy so stay the course. 

Remember staying the course of a healthier life begins in the mind and that, in turn, changes what goes in you mouth.  There will be many people telling you that just this small bite won’t hurt anything, but remember one bite leads to another and then a serving instead of a taste.  If temptation is powerful, leave the area where your are being tempted, step outside, talk to someone, do something and don’t let temptation win.  Love yourself, love your choices, and love determination.

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