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Spring – Your New Resolve

Spring – Your New Resolve

Spring awakens and enlivens us in a way no other season can. We remember what new life looks like, we remember what possibilities are just around the corner, and we remember that beauty comes in small packages.

It’s a great time for meditation as we grow ourselves – and with spring in mind, here are five reflections on how our minds, hearts, and spirits are healed during the flowery months.
New life and new beginnings are all around us. Each waking flower is a symbol for something new taking shape within us.

Everything blooms in its own time. In our lives, just as in nature, patience forms the most beautiful things we experience.

Color and light are vital to life. Spring feels good because it reminds us how deeply we need variety and vividness in our surroundings.  Great things are waiting beneath the surface. Only when the flowers bloom do we realize the potential that existed beneath our feet all this time.

The important things are the simple things. Grass, rainfall, sunlight, a single flower – the smallest things matter still, because no one else can experience them for us.  You made the decision to have weight loss surgery for your health.  Remind yourself just like spring and how it brings new life, so is your new life post weight loss surgery.  Enjoy and feel the warmth of choosing healthy on your face.

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