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The Art of Eating Survival

The Art Of Eating Survival

In my 6+ years post bariatric surgery, I have realized that there are so many aspects to consider.  One being that you must recommit every single day to making the healthy choice.  Certainly, I splurge on something delicious, but it is not a daily event.  One thing about weight loss surgery is that the weight can easily come back to visit your body and before you know it that 1 pound turns into 5 pounds.

One of the ways I survival eating well is that I plan out my snacks and meals.   It is truly like a game of survival where all of your thought processes and instincts to make great choices come into play.  Some of the choices that would work are fruits, cheese, cottage cheese, popcorn (unbuttered), boiled eggs, and vegetables.  Most of these are definitely fillers, but that’s what you need to get you to your next main meal.

There are several ways to trick yourself into believing that you are full.  The one way you can get fuller faster is by drinking water before and after your meals.  A bit if trickery is involved to get remember you need to drink adequate volumes of water, 60-80 daily grams of protein, and vegetables.

The one main thought that needs to be remembered every day is that you have to embrace yourself and speak kindly to yourself because no one will do that for you.  Love yourself and be kind in your thoughts and words to yourself.  Sound crazy?  No, it totally works.  Give it a try.



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