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The Art of Loving Yourself

Loving yourself might be a foreign concept for you especially after years of looking in the mirror and not accepting the image staring back. You have conditioned yourself to reject any good thoughts about your body and who you are inside, as well as outside.

You have taken the very important step for your health as well as your self- image by choosing to have weight loss surgery. That is a decision to be celebrated because it takes tremendous courage to first admit that we need to change, and second to take action to make that change. If you haven’t taken a moment to appreciate your strength and perseverance through this journey, do it now. You must be able to see how far you have come to appreciate where you are going.

Try taking some moments throughout the day to stop and reflect on how far you have come and the healthy, positive choices you have been making can reinforce those good thoughts about you as a person. How many people do you know that complain about the state of their being and never make one move to improve? I bet a lot! The fact that you do love yourself enough to move forward with weight loss surgery shows how much you value who you are and your place in this world!

Make sure that you are further boosting your self- esteem by surrounding yourself with the people that love you and make you feel good about yourself too! You can work on internalizing those happy emotions by writing down all compliments that come your way on to post it notes and sticking them on your bathroom mirror to see every morning. A great way to start every day!

Loving yourself is going to be the most important result of your weight loss surgery-of course there are many other benefits to you and most of those benefits will occur by default. Loving yourself however will take a daily effort by you, so just like with your new diet includes feeding your body healthy food, be sure to feed your mind as well with loving thoughts to help nourish and grow a healthy self-esteem.

You have loved yourself enough to make this extraordinary step of having weight loss surgery, now continue that love by embracing loving yourself.

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