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The Best New Healthy You

You’ve taken some important steps to get healthy-you should be proud! Now the goal is to continue the journey to arrive at your best self.

Everything you are doing to lose weight and reinforce the habits of a new healthier lifestyle requires discipline from you, but it also requires the support of the people around you. If you have a strong network of family and friends cheering you on that is great, but what if they aren’t supportive? What if they sabotage your hard work by ordering that take out or bringing food into the house that they know is a trigger for you?

It can be very hard not to give in to that temptation, especially when it is all around you, so it is very important to set yourself up for success before you’re tempted to slip.

There are several things that you can do to stay on track, even when your environment is filled with unhealthy food and the poor choices of those closest to you that could potentially slow or halt your progress.

First, make sure you keep nutritious foods that you know you can have and eat without ruining your hard work.  Make sure you have the items you need in your pantry, refrigerator and cooking ingredients so you won’t be tempted to make unhealthy choices, including the BariGirls line of spices to keep your meals interesting and super tasty.

Second, invest in some the BariGirls cookbook and recipes on our website so that you can find new ways of preparing the healthy ingredients you have stocked up on-eating the same food made the same way gets boring. If you have some different recipes to try it will keep you excited about meal prep and it just might entice that stubborn family member to join you at the table.

And lastly, find someone who understands what you’re going through and lean on them when you need someone to vent to on a bad day, ask questions when you are unsure of what to do or just a listening ear when you want to share something that you are experiencing. Remember, you can always reach out to the BariGirls for doses of wisdom, support and bari love.  It is critical that you have someone to turn to when the going gets tough especially if there isn’t anyone close to you that can be that person.

This is your time and your health. You are worth any and all investments that you choose to make to continue a path of wellness that you are on right now. Don’t let a lack of support derail your progress, or boredom with the same old food choices and preparation send you right back to where you started.

You can do this!


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