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Vitamins – Necessary For Your New Body

You are doing everything you are supposed to do after your weight loss surgery-following your diet, exercising and leaning on your support system when things get tough. The one thing that maybe you feel you can slack on a bit-taking the recommend vitamins prescribed for your post- surgery-can wreak havoc on your progress.

There are so many reasons vitamins might not be at the forefront of your mind-they are easy to forget and if you aren’t a “pill” taker it might be harder to establish a regular routine when it comes to taking your vitamins.

But it so important not to skip this part of your weight loss maintenance-doing so could have very negative impacts on your weight loss and your overall health in general. Your weight loss surgery puts you at risk for malabsorption because your body is not able to pull out those much need nutrients from your food like they used to pre-surgery.

What vitamins should you be taking, and why? Your doctor is the best resource when it comes to your health but typically after weight loss surgery, the following supplements are recommended:

  • Calcium – Needed for strong bones and supports muscle growth
  • Vitamin C – For immune support and proper iron absorption
  • Vitamin B12 – The most critical vitamin after weight loss surgery because your body’s ability to absorb the vitamin is severely diminished, it is vital for your nervous system and a deficiency can cause anemia
  • Vitamin A – Supports healthy skin
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Helps to convert carbs into energy

This of course is by no means a comprehensive list, but you can see the importance that each vitamin plays in your health and why it is especially critical for you to continue to consume additional nutritional support through vitamin supplementation.

There are a few things that you can do to make taking your vitamins easier to remember. Try getting a pill organizer (there are several versions available at Amazon and at your local pharmacy) and drop in what you need to take very day. If you have them already organized and at your fingertips, you’ll be less inclined to skip them.

Also, try putting them next to your coffee pot or your water bottle in the morning. “Out of sight out of mind,” is your enemy when it comes to your vitamin routine.

Taking your vitamins can make a huge difference in your progress and how you feel-so do whatever it takes to ensure that you make this one of your new healthy habits on your journey.


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