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Weight Loss Surgery in Your 50s, Yes!!!!!

Weight Loss Surgery In Your 50s, Yes!!!!!

Let’s pounder the title.  Many people would say why have weight loss surgery when I am 50 and over?  Its one simple answer.  Because your not dead.  You are still alive and need to enjoy the big and small adventures of life.  Whether it is feeling comfortable to walk in the grass with no shoes on to getting on a ride and feeling comfortable in the seating, walking up the stairs without feeling winded and so much more.

When contemplating surgery, think of how it will change your health goals.  The byproduct of having weight loss surgery is, of course, weight loss, but to actually feel younger and powerful in the sense of accomplishment.  It is great to feel like you have actually done something for yourself regardless of age.  It is amazing that the power of having made a choice that is so good for you is more than words can state.

From my experience, having surgery at 50 has empowered me to feel like I have a choice in my health.  I have a choice is what I have to look forward to in life.  There is a saying to stop and small the roses and you definitely feel like it having taken back the control of your healthy.  We BariGirls say it loud and often to love yourself enough… make it count, feel good about yourself, commit to portion control, remember to exercise, remember to take it one meal at a time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to have weight loss surgery.  You are extending your life to be able to enjoy it and your loved ones.  If someone gives you flak about having weight loss surgery, tell them you love yourself enough to do everything in your power to live and work at living a healthy life.


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