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Weight Loss Surgery, Part 2 of Your Journey?

You have taken the biggest step ever regarding your weight loss-you had the weight loss surgery and you feel great! Except now there is a lingering reminder of what once was, something you can’t remedy in any other way but another surgery.

That excess skin on your arms, stomach and thighs is creating a shadow over your accomplishments and now you are ready to explore your options for its removal.

Cosmetic surgery is something to consider if the excess skin is keeping you from fully enjoying your hard work and progress. Exercise can improve your muscle tone and reduce the appearance of sagging skin somewhat, but exercise will not ever eliminate it completely. So, if you are at your goal weight and have been maintaining, you might be a good candidate for this type of procedure.

There are many reasons that people want to move forward with cosmetic surgery after their weight loss surgery and not all for aesthetic reasons-excess skin can become infected and is often heavy and painful.

It is super important however, to make sure that you keep your expectations realistic and move forward with a positive outlook The operation to remove excess skin can be costly with a hefty price tag not always covered by insurance, so make sure you check with your coverage before proceeding.

You also want to make sure that you are prepared to allow for adequate time off post -surgery (at least 4-6 weeks), and can arrange for help with doing basic tasks around the house, especially any heavy lifting.

In addition to having physical help, you will also want to line up extra support from friends and family to lift you up mentally through the challenge of another major operation. If you find your inner circle is lacking in this department, or has diminished since your weight loss surgery, reach out and seek support from new sources.

Moving forward getting rid of the sagging skin left behind is a serious decision but if you choose to do it you will be rewarded with the body you envisioned at the beginning of your journey. There will be scarring, and a long recovery period but the climb will hopefully be worth the view.

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