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We’ve Come a “Superfoods” Long Way Baby and You Can Too!!!!!

Our beginning…
Before surgery. You don’t really know how you look until you look at a picture of yourself.

The journey to weight loss has been met with tears, joy, support, dislike, strength and confidence.  For us, it has been an awakening that we need to spread the wisdom that we have come across to be a healthier, happier person.

We cannot tell you just how much wonderment is has become to talk about what we are eating, why and the benefits of changing what we eat and why it was changed.

I never really focused on eating the “Superfoods”, but when I did, it become an entirely new and improved journey.  I now request Kiley to make me fresh kale, zucchini spirals and spinach on a regular basis and it just feels so good to know I am getting what my body needs.  Eating fresh vegetables on the regular is like the clouds have opened up.  Additionally, exercising regularly, drinking more water and portion, portion, portion control are all intermingled and key things to losing and maintaining the weight loss.  Check out Kiley’s exercise tips, cooking videos and other tips.   Take a looksee at the list of these Superfoods and the benefits they give your body to jumpstart your healthy journey.


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