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Your BariGirl and Saint Luke’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss Journey

Your BariGirl And Saint Luke’s Center For Surgical Weight Loss Journey

After seeing the success and commitment of my daughter, your top BariGirl, Kiley Williams, I too wanted to go to an organization that was supportive and produce long lasting results.  My journey began at a difficult point with having a lap-band that was continuously slipping causing me to threw up even my saliva.  After meeting with Dr. Sorenson and discussing my difficulties, he suggested that removal of the lap-band and conversion to a gastric bypass would lead to my best outcome.

Upon waking up post surgery, I asked Dr. Sorenson if my surgery was in fact done because it did not feel like anything was done.  I thought my insides would feel like they had been stirred like stew.  It was amazing that I felt so good post surgery.  I truly appreciate Saint Luke’s commitment to being just a phone call away.  It was difficult to even drink water and it was Dr. Sorenson’s nurse that told me what to do and comforted me when I needed it most.

The personalized care is what matters to me when I am at my most vulnerable.  Care is at a different level when you feel like help if not only a phone call away, but that when you reach your physician’s staff, they will respond quickly and responsively.

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