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Your Key to Success – Good Habits!!!!

Forming and maintaining good habits is truly an art form. It takes a lot of creativity and planning to change old, unhealthy habits or establish new, positive ones that take us in a new direction.

There are some easy ways to get going on forming some good habits. Take a few tips from the list below and think about how you can start incorporating good habits into your new healthy routine right now.

  • Identify habits that are unhealthy and make a list of good habits to replace them, such as replacing soda with flavored waters, or upping your daily steps from 10,000 to 15,000
  • Start with small, gradual changes that are simple to exchange and continue to build upon that foundation to increase your chances of sticking with the new habit
  • Stay positive, even if you slip back to your old ways-think progress not perfection!
  • Enlist the support of those around you by letting them know that you are working towards something new-we all need cheerleaders along the way to encourage us to keep on track
  • Reward yourself for sticking with your new habit and give yourself a “treat” like a massage, pedicure or a new lipstick at the 30 ,60 and 90-day mark
  • Create a visual reminder by writing down a few of the good habits you are working on and putting them where you can see on the bathroom mirror or next to your vitamins.
  • Put a plan in place for when you feel like you are reverting back to an old habit you are trying to change-we all fail and we all face challenges but those who plan to mess up (because we are all human) recover more easily than those who don’t have anything to fall back on

The success of the BariGirls is due to making good choice habits every day.  There is no way you can succeed and keep the weight off unless you make it a habit to make it count in your food choices.  Making and keeping good habits is the only way to ensure your success on your weight loss journey. Always remember that you can do anything that you are determined to do if you have a good plan and a solid support system. You got this because the BariGirls are here to give you good and long-lasting information to keep you on the road to a healthier life, eating and beyond.  Love yourself enough to make your choices count.

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