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Your Top Bari Girl

Your Top Bari Girl

Kiley Williams-Bowls aka Your Top Bari, lives her life everyday with the goal of helping others post bariatric surgery achieve success.  Kiley has many platforms that provide information about many foods, spices, exercise, water, etc. benefit a body.  Find how all the information you can use on her Pintest page entitled Bari Girls as well as her Instagram page, Bari_dynamic_duo, Facebook, My Bariatric Family.

Kiley was bullied in middle and high school and decided to make the change at 21 years old to get healthy.  She said that many people that she knows has the same problems with overeating and making bad choices with food.  Weight loss surgery gave her a starting point to get on the road to better health.  Now she can’t get enough of new information about the foods she eats and what truly is beneficial for her body.

The Bari Girls motto is love yourself enough to make the best choices for your body!!!!

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