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About the Founder: Kiley Williams

Surgery | Gastric Sleeve
Date | 8/3/2009
Then | 320 Pounds
Now | 161 Pounds

I can’t believe I was 320 pounds!

My knees and back were killing me beyond belief. I knew I was overweight. I knew what I needed to do and I did those things with not a lot of success, for example, Weight Watchers and Slim 4 life, but with my lack of commitment and discipline, I was not successful. I realized that at this rate at 22 years old, I will die in my 30s if I did not change. My mom has Type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure along with a family history of stroke and heart attacks. Life seemed very tough and that reality hurt and I had to take control. So I started to research weight loss surgery and all its pros and cons. It was very scary to see and hear the horrible stories of “this happened to me” but not all recoveries are the same and I plan to NEVER return to the old overweight me. I will set an example by helping others with guidance and support with bariatric surgery.

Your Success is My New Mission

Due to our success with bariatric surgery, we have made it our mission to help others change their lives because it is within all of us to love ourselves.

Our mission is to support, inform and provide love to our growing bariatric family.

Love Ur Top Bari
– Kiley Williams

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