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Congratulations On Your Surgery, I’m So Proud of You, Now What? – Part 1

Congratulations On Your Surgery, I’m So Proud Of You, Now What? – Part 1

Congratulations, you had your surgery now what are your next steps?  Your recovery timeframe is actually 1 year, hence, why your doctor tells you to wait for a pregnancy until one year.  Also, plan on losing 25 to 90% of excess weight as was in my case.  I did plateau numerous times so just know that you will need to make adjustments.  When you plateau, don’t get discouraged.  Your body doesn’t know what’s going on.  Your body thinks you are starving and wants to hold onto pounds.  Your doctor has advised you what to eat for the next two months, how much water you need to consume daily and the need to start taking vitamins for eternity.  But, how do you plan on what you are going to eat to stay on track?  What exercises should you be doing? For starters, you should make out a weekly meal plan, get a measured water bottle and check out the exercise video and posts in this site as well as Instagram (Bari_dynamic_duo) to get you moving.

In regard to the issues that made you unhealthy, many of those issues such as high blood pressure, a high body mass index, and type 2 diabetes will be greatly diminished.  In regard to my diabetes, the surgery has lessened the amount of insulin I need as a type 1 diabetic which allows me to focus more on my bari new life.  If you have type 2 diabetes, the surgery has been know to cure type 2.  I love climbing the stairs two by two, the lightness in my body and spirit and of course the smaller clothing.

Consistency is key to maintaining strict diet and exercise changes.  You will face many food challenges amongst family and friends and social events where you will be forced to make disciplined and mindful decisions to keep your consistency with your new, healthy lifestyle.

In the next article in this series, we will talk about sagging skin, hair loss, vitamin D deficiencies and water requirements.


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