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Fall Life

With the fall season comes the time of sweaters, leggings and jeans.  As a post bariatric patient, you probably are excited about walking on Getting Smaller Boulevard and Smaller Size Avenue.  It is indeed a wonderful feeling to be smaller.  But also the idea of being healthier if the number one thing that you should be happier about.  Be happy that you have taken the road and said yes to loving yourself enough to make changes that will put you on the road to a healthier life.

As you reflect on your purpose and life, know that you will have days in which you wish you did not have to think about your weight.  Know that you are important to someone even if they don’t acknowledge that fact.  The fall brings a refreshment of hope for the holiday season as well as spending more time with friends and family.  With this season, continue to make the good choices that keep you on the healthy path to extending your life.

Make your eating count by making the best choices even when you want to eat that chocolate or decadent treat.  Remember you have had all your life to this point to eat the bad stuff.  Now its time to love yourself enough to make the right choices.  Make it count, damit!!!!


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  1. 2012. I had the Gastric sleeve , my weight is creeping back. I live in Warrensburg Missouri, do you have any support here?

    I have had Breast cancer twice, the first one in 1998. I did the Chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant. I have a Defribulator ( weak heart caused by high dose Chemo )
    I was diagnosed again with Breast Cancer on the other side in 2016 caught early by a 3D Mamogram.

    I am struggling with my weight again. It’s hard to get out of the bad eating habits.

    1. Hi Roxanne. I am sorry about all you have had to endure. Our prayers for your health are being said. In regard to your bad eating habits, we offer consulting and in that consulting session ($60 per hour) we can develop meal plans and find out what you are eating to get a handle on your weight gain. Let me know if that is something you would like to do. My number is 816-739-9443. Thank you for reaching out.

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