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Five Questions for the Bari Girls – Kiley Williams-Bowls

Five Questions For The Bari Girls – Kiley Williams-Bowls


What did you get the surgery?

What is the secret to successful weight loss post surgery?

Who is your inspiration?

What is your daily eating habits?

What is a sample meal?

Do you find time to workout? 

How do you stay in the Bari zone?

Top Bari -Kiley

8/3/2009– I was the first Gastric Sleeve patient by my physician using the one incision through the belly button thus leaving no scar. I did get a infection at the site of the incision, but healed perfectly with a round of antibiotics and proper care.  One of my biggest secret’s to success is I listened to the doctor’s strict orders of care.  Doctors state that the surgery itself is 30% and 70% is personal determination and self drive to equal total weight loss success. I also believe that mental training i.e., fitness, thinking strong, and staying focused on the prize at hand.  People asked what’s your inspiration?  I simply believe that it is my drive to make others feel as hopeful and know they are in control of their weight loss destiny.

Additionally, there has to be a mental mind change from how you previously felt and consumed food.  You must remember why you wanted relief from the struggles, emotions, and pain of weight gain that comes with the life of obesity.  Some of my daily eating habits include:

Morning: Greek yogurt and granola, Natures Valley Honey & Oats bar breakfast is only till 11am for me if I don’t eat before then (which is very rare) then I will have a quick high protein health snack.

Lunch:   Fish fillet (cod, tilapia or salmon), a fresh salad with a lot of protein (the fish with your lunch can be counted as protein), fiber (such as and high in antioxidants (such as .

Dinner:   Same thing as lunch or I may make something from my Bari recipes which seems to always hit the spot and keeps the weight loss count UP!

My exercise routine was developed in part because of the fear that I would return to my previous state of unhealthiness, unhappiness and depression.  And, in part, because I did everything in my power to avoid returning to that place of “un” and make myself and others remain on their current path of Bari good health.

The Bari zone is the placed when you have arrived mentally and physically to understand the power of bariatric surgery.  This place offers amazing benefits and we lose from it.  You know what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, when to stop, how to overcome cravings and to channel your inner self to turn your food obsession to a love for health and internal happiness.

Working bari hard is a must and part of your commitment to bariatric surgery.  DON’T expect change if your not willing to completely commit to making it happen.


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