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Honey Powder – It’s a Super Food!!

Creating a balance in your diet after weight loss surgery is key to long term success and it is important to include a nice variety of foods and beverages that you enjoy, including sweets. This can be very tricky to maneuver because sugar is very high in empty calories, can affect blood sugars, has zero nutritional value and too much can make you sick.

Artificial sugars also are not beneficial to you in any way. Filled with chemicals that trick your brain into a vicious cycle of craving sweeter and sweeter food, they might save you calories but in the long run will only sabotage your weight loss efforts.

So, what is left?  You like your coffee to have a little sweetener, or maybe your daily yogurt needs a boost to make it interesting so it would be nice to have something you can use safely.

Enter honey powder! You no doubt are familiar with honey, which you probably were instructed to extremely limit or omit from your post- surgery diet, but honey powder is something different, something that is safe for you, with nutritional benefits that you can add to your diet with confidence.

What exactly is honey powder? Honey powder is a dehydrated form of natural honey that can be used spoonful for spoonful as a sugar alternative.  Honey powder also has a sweeter taste than white sugar (and has fewer calories), so less is needed. It also dissolves quickly so it is perfect for hot beverages and it can be used in cooking. Honey powder has a long shelf life too, so there is no need to worry about only consuming small amounts over a long period of time.

Honey powder has additional nutritional perks-it has a lower glycemic index, contains vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids and enzymes. It also contains prebiotic and anti- inflammatory properties which can positively affect your skin, hair and digestion.

Honey powder is now widely available through online retailers and health food stores. If you do decide to add honey powder to your diet, make sure you carefully read labels to make sure that you are not purchasing an inferior product with unnecessary additives or even sugar! As with any substitutes using honey powder conservatively will yield you the best results.

Give honey powder a try and make your new health journey a little sweeter

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