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Mariah Carey – Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Mariah Carey – Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The sigma of having weight loss surgery is ridiculous.  If you have tried everything to lose your weight then it is your personal choice to proceed with having something done that will work.  After talking with your physician, and the two of you feel it is necessary, then you should hold no shame.  Kiley and I have both experienced people trying to shame us about our decision to have had weight loss surgery.  For both of us, we tried Weight Watchers, the low carb diet, injections, and pills to no avail.

The benefits of weight loss surgery are much more far reaching than just to look good.  Health values include curing Type 2 diabetes, reduction of high blood pressure, and heart disease in women which is the number one killer.  Taking control of your health via weight loss surgery is the first step in changing your lifestyle.  Don’t let others control how you feel about controlling your own health.

Love yourself enough to do as many have done if your physician and you agree.  We can assist you via support.  Just reach out.  Check out the article below for more information.

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