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Old Habits Die Hard – With A Vengeance

Old Habits Die Hard – With A Vengeance

We all know it takes hard work to succeed at anything that is valuable.  But I want you to remember why you wanted and needed to have the surgery in the first place.  The not feeling beautiful when trying on clothes, comments from friends, significant other and family.  Remember it was your health that caused you to decide to make the change to a healthier body inside and outside.  Old habits are difficult to break, but you must recommit every day by selecting the foods that are best for your body. 

Squashing old habits begins with making new habits that are filled with newer, better habits as well  conditioning the mind that change is needed.  Consistently remind yourself that you are worth fighting for.  Many people need you in their life and whether they say it out loud or not, you matter and therefore must resolve to continue with vengeance to loving yourself enough to stay the course.  Discover new spices or recipes that you can make variations to, plan and make your meals so they can just be grabbed on the run.  Stay tuned for more healthful tips to help you on your journey to love yourself enough to make it count. 

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